Autorecbot Happy New Year Message

I imagine that you have all received one of these letters yesterday or today. Apart from the obvious blame shifting going on, “an unexpectedly high proportion of claiming errors” by suppliers, this is also another example of “make it up as we go alongery”.
Unsurprisingly there are no contractual provisions for circumstances where the LSCs own maladministration has such a direct impact upon the reporting process. Those that do exist however are clear and can best be summarised as – SMPs can only be reduced when reporting drops 10% below monies paid. I doubt that the Commission, through their own fault, are anywhere close to being able to make such a calculation. So to cover their own backs they intend to pay you the lowest of either the 3, 6 or 12 month average calculated from the last time (September) in which their systems allowed you to make verifiable submissions. This approach was of course not explained to those facing reductions, during discussions with their autorecbots in December. This is all to be undertaken with no consideration for the cash flow impact upon firms who for no fault of their own have been forced to report in a deeply unsatisfactory, ad hoc manner for the last two months and seemingly the foreseeable future.
Their thanks for your “continued patience” might not however help cover increased overdraft charges.
Would a national campaign of phone calls like this work?

Worst example to date is a firm receiving only a quarter of its usual SMP.

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