The Circle of Life

Most of us have natural rhythms to their working lives – not liking Monday being the most common one.
Fridays, as well as being song day on this blog, have a particular significance at JRS, especially with regard to telephone enquiries. On most Fridays for instance you can almost set the clock, at 3 pm, when the phones start ringing out of their cradles with billing enquiries. This usually starts at 1pm when it is the last week of the contract reporting cycle. Last week we had a deluge given the continuing “off-line reporting disaster”, the new CDS fees and the first batch of Civil claims coming through under the standard fee scheme.
Allied to this have been a bunch of requests for a repeat of the two recent practical billing training courses from people unable to attend at the two dates earlier in the month. We are happy to run these again subject to there being sufficient delegates in any one time and place.
If you would like to make, as the LSC call it, and “expression of interest” please contact Sandra by phone or e-mail.

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