Just Enough Time for This 

Again chasing to get onto the road however managed to sneak this in. I was listening to the Magazine cover last night (whilst reading the consultations linked to below) having heard the song used as the out-track on Shrek the Third (“sung” by Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas). So here is the original:

Here We Go Again 

More consultation, this time on the July CDS Unified Contract. It is proposed that this will be for 12 months this time. Of most interest will probably be the proposed Duty Solicitor Arrangements and Slot Allocation. At a quick glance last night there appear to be two options one pretty much as now or, secondly, […]

In Other News 

All Civil reporting must be made electronically by March although this will probably still be via bulkload spreadsheets, and not because “Offline” has become “Online”. If you want out CMRF Wizard which can achieve this just give the office a ring.

Saying Nothing Me 

The online claims system for the Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) will be up and running on Monday (4 Feb 08).