Staggering and Staggering 

Steve has now got through to “Offline” marketing re CCLF Online billing, they say this: “We are staggering the input of these requests and you will get e-mail confirmation of access within the next 2 weeks” Compare that to this: “The online claims system for the Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) will be up and […]

Still Not Saying Much 

I did not comment on the bold assertion that Online CCLF billing would be possible from today. Our first try has lead to an instruction that firms need to “request” that this facility be switched on and that this will will be done on a first cone first served basis. You might therefore want to […]

From Dusk Till Dawn? 

There has been a recent series of modern zombie movies, of the “I am Legend” and “28 Days/Weeks Later” variety. In these, sub-human monsters occupy the post apocalyptic world thriving on the chaos and attacking the uninfected survivors. More intelligent critics than I see this as a metaphor for modern life. Now I know it […]