Did the Earth Move for You?

On top of over 8 hours driving yesterday an earthquake in the middle of the night, alongside my cough and sore throat, was not what I really wanted. Never mind we seemed to get a good result at yesterdays last ever(?) Cost Committee. This reminded me how important the interaction between panel and applicant is and I do wonder if we could have achieved the same clarity on paper alone? An Independent Cost Adjudicator made similar comments to me last week and also opined that he missed the debate within the panel when arriving at decisions.
All that said on a personal (possibly selfish) level I still do not miss days like that any more. Lemsip, comfy chair, Radio on in the background and a couple of “shooting fish in barrels” appeals for me today – much better.
P.S. This is our 900th entry – who’d have thought it.

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  • at Chez Barnes, we thought a train was coming through the house via the back garden… Joel (3) slept throught the whole thing!

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