From Dusk Till Dawn?

There has been a recent series of modern zombie movies, of the “I am Legend” and “28 Days/Weeks Later” variety. In these, sub-human monsters occupy the post apocalyptic world thriving on the chaos and attacking the uninfected survivors. More intelligent critics than I see this as a metaphor for modern life.
Now I know it is stretching the point to apply the same consideration to the post-“online billing” world but bear with me.
We are in a contract management situation where all rules have been abandoned. To date we have had two ad hoc methods of providing sound data on which monthly payments will be calculated – the former clearly outwith contractual provisions.
In this post apocalyptic reporting world “autorecbots” roam the empty streets a law unto themselves, randomly slashing at SMPs with seemingly no rhyme or reason – save one. The batch Andy has in front of him today all have a common feature – an attempt to reconcile to 100% by end of March 2008 and not the 107.5% provided for by the Criminal Defence Service General Criminal Contract Monthly Payment Rules 2002.
Time to get your cricket bats out!

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