Question Time

CDS suppliers will want to have a look at this next bout of “makeitupaswegoalongery”. I have only had a brief glance and there are at least a couple of interesting developments, post charge claims at old rates for instance.
The main area of concern is still the “when is more than one fee claimable” question. This remains the only area where adverse retrospective assessment might prove problematic – other claims being triggered by the actual costs claimed sections of the CDS 6 – so it’s important to get this right straight away, or to challenge these interpretations early.

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  • The LSC are now wise to you, they check your site and when you put in a link to an item on the LSC site, they move the page (very similar to what they do to solicitors, keep moving the goalposts). 🙂

  • Thanks Mike – have put it right – I think cock up rather than conspiracy btw

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