Staggering and Staggering

Steve has now got through to “Offline” marketing re CCLF Online billing, they say this:

“We are staggering the input of these requests and you will get e-mail confirmation of access within the next 2 weeks”

Compare that to this:

“The online claims system for the Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) will be up and running on Monday (4 Feb 08).”

As Tracy indicates, in the comments on the thread below, hard copies are currently not available either. Nigel nearly spoke to the responsible person at the LSC (who was unavailable “in training”) but other than that had the same – “sometime in the next fortnight” – experience as Steve. We will let you know when paper forms are available.

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2 comments on “Staggering and Staggering

  • The trouble with you Simon is you never do give credit where credit is due! It is very true that we cannot get any access to the system for at least a fortnight and it is also true that there are currently no hard copies of the claim forms available anywhere – BUT we can now access via the website the CCLF online user guide! just in the forlorn hope that one day we might be able to claim crown court fees again! You also failed to mention the irony of what the LSC supremo was currently training on!

  • I’m sure that they can all guess todays training topic!

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