Not Surprised

This morning we once again heard of a female sole practitioner from an ethnic background who has closed down. I have not maintained statistics of this common phenomenon and now rather wish I had.
Our worst experience of this was obviously that of Birmingham Solicitor, Ranee Bassi who last year took her own life following a period of depression occasioned by a series of audits and an unwarranted investigation by the LSC. She was completely vindicated following a year long battle to clear her name. Amongst others the Gazette covered the story.
Today’s news prompted me to contact her brother because there remains the issue of the LSC’s proposed “review” of the circumstances leading up to her death. I commented on these proposals at the time. I am sadly not surprised that to date he has had no response from the LSC despite communicating with them again before Christmas. It seems my cynicism was justified.
The LSC’s conduct, as I have said before, was disgraceful, to compound this by failing to undertake what they promised, on the record, at the time of her death can only damn them further.

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