VHCC Rules OK?

New VHCC Panel contracts have been issued with a new deadline for advocates to sign up.
The point of major interest for defence teams are the requirements for instructing advocates following the low numbers of signatures. These can be found at Section 1.5 of Annex 9. In short hand; try find a panel advocate, if you can’t we will try (twice) and if that fails choose anyone you can.
Tell us what happens.

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2 comments on “VHCC Rules OK?

  • it’s a bit more interesting if you look at the LSC response to the short consultation on VHCC. if when you cannot find a panel advocate you go to the market, you claim the contract rate, but can offer the advocate any sum they are willing to take, and pocket any difference. This confirmation was lacking in the MOJ draft order.

  • Thanks for that not had time me self yet.

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