A Date for Your Diary 

Ash are amongst my most favourite (live) acts. They have just announced that they will be headlining Middlesbrough Music Live on 1st June. Is there a better film title track than “A Life Less Ordinary”? Nah.


Not another number puzzle related post but a further reminder that CDS UCC applications must be in by 4pm this time next week. I have today discovered this document detailing “common errors” in applications. This includes an indication that failure to provide the date of your CLAS certificate “may” invalidate your CDS 12A. You are […]


Haven’t we been going over this sort of stuff for years? Wasn’t the (not inexpensive) Preferred Supplier Project supposed to have identified all sort of issues like this? We even had Kaizen to answer some of these questions. So now some more workshops to cover the same ground fantastic. Perhaps this Japanese activity might help.