Demob Happy

I will be happy, for so many reasons, when this week is done. Not least because the steady flow of faxed UCC applications will be over.
We have been working on a couple of new applications and also spoke to a third this morning. He came back a couple of moments later to confirm that the phrase, which had eluded him in the earlier conversation, which best described the UCC.
That phrase was “Poisoned Chalice”

PS apologies to those Leeds firms we gave a bum steer about where to send their applications. However at section 3.7 of the IFA and at Q 23 of the Q & A it says in BOLD (and in capitals at the latter) that these should be sent to the Newcastle Office. An update yesterday to the web-site saying “any Regional Office” whilst sensible, is really no way to manage processes of this sort.
“There’s been a change they broke the Chalice from the Palace”.

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