Busy Day at the Virtual Office 

It has been a busy day at the LSC website news sections – Civil and Criminal including a pilot in appointment making via the CLA Helpline and some guidance on swapping Duty Solicitor rotas. You might want to have a look at the other items as well.


I am on a short break from Peer Review related activity, assisting a couple of firms with current bid round applications for new Civil contracts. I am left wondering if this weight of paper is absoloutly necessary – I am sure there is a good (legal) reason why this is the case. Andy has not […]


Would you like work for 10 months with a 6 figure recoupment figure hanging over you head? Of course not, although some of you will have endured the experience and the pressure of trying to resolve a Contract Compliance rating. Hopefully this is now a thing of the past (we have only 2, 5 figure […]

Just Saying Again 

This LSC subscription service seems like a good idea. (Lets hope it works).

Back to the Peer 

Andy is working on Peer Review today, I am working on Peer Review today and Steve is on holiday (its my turn next week). Before I start on a sample of files I have had the chance to have a more detailed read of the last three reports received, before they go in our PR […]

Scores and Hopefuls 

Me 5 Graham 4 Sandra and Andy Nil To what do these scores relate you ask? How many of this years Mercury music prize nominations we own. Any advance on 5? How you choose a winner out of that lot I know not. Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” is probably the best, that said I have listened […]

Answer with Another Question 

“Tell us what you think of the LSC Manual” Can we have the Legal Aid Handbook back?

Training and Neck Pain 

A forced day of inactivity on Monday (same old bad neck) and a full day of training yesterday has lead to it being quiet around here the last two days. That said news has been pretty thin as school holidays kick off. The only item of the aforementioned to emanates form JRS client world is […]


Steve has gone on holiday and wanted “Here comes the Summer” by the Undertones but looking out of the window that is clearly a lie. Instead here is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Just Saying Like 

This week I have found the LSC useful, constructive and/ or helpful on 3 occasions and stupid and obstructive only once. Is this just me, an aberration or the shape of things to come. I think I will begin to keep score. The helpful ones know who the are too!