On a neighbours advice I re-tuned my free-view reception in the bedroom to update the tele-visual delights available to us . This gave us a couple of new music channels we did not previously have. The first song we heard was this (not this version from the disappointing last series of Jools which is spoilt […]

Right on Time 

First leg of the training tour over and as ever lots of interesting feedback from delegates. Most pertinent to the course content, an overview of the current range of assessment methods, is confirmation that Peer Review is active outside our region* and that KPI Audits are happening. Seems like we got the timing right on […]

Crystal Ball Gazing 

Last time I was in the European City of Culture I had lunch with a firm representing one of the defendants in the Rhys Jones case. This confirms their exact prediction on the impact of the VHCC panel. Friend of this site Rodney Warren also indicates the CLSAs equally accurate representations on the panel and […]