iPod Shuffle Choice No. 2 

I had really forgotten how good “Disgraceful” by Dubstar is. (The follow up was however a classic demonstration of the ‘difficult second album” syndrome). I really wanted to post this track but it is not a real video so here is “Stars”

Angry of Guildford 

A regular vox pop attack on the current Government, along with the classic “its political correctness gone mad” is to accuse all public agencies of being overly involved in unnecessary “micro management”. This phrase, I admit, did come to mind when I read this letter in this weeks Gazette.

More on File Review 

The LSC in Manchester don’t appear to be budging on the File Review payment issues. If you want to convince yourself of the contractual position why not have a look at S.22.6, Part A of the Unified Contract, Crime Specification – entitled “Payment for File Review”. There is not an updated version of the FR1 […]