Ghost In My House 

I am off to see Mariza in that London tomorrow night, having just missed her in Portugal this year so it was tempting to put something by her up today. I felt we needed something a little more upbeat with a Halloween theme however:

Forward To The SCCO 

This letter deals with the issue of establishing the correct PPE levels for Litigators Fee claims. It is a live issue both for our costs drafting team and many of our clients. We will happily collate and forward information of any firms wishing to participate in the consolidated appeal Aryeh proposes.

“At No Cost To The Taxpayer” 

Last week of October sees me more on the road than not, for obvious CPD related reasons. This meant I have not been able to post news on the interim settlement of the VHCC panel until now. (We did predict it last week mind).

November Costs Masterclass – still places available 

Just a quick reminder about our next Billing ‘Masterclass’ sessions – 10% discount for CLSA & LAPG members – Further discounts for multi-bookings – JRS Retainer clients qualify for half price tickets – Both are of benefit for first time billers, those with remaining doubts about the new schemes or just as a bit of […]

Quiet Joys 

I have found it difficult to pin down a track this week, this kind of catches my mood and the season (don’t play if intolerant to folk music):

The Intervention of Common Sense? 

I am informed that some further consideration of the Family Private Law Level 2 threshold is under reconsideration. ONe hopes they will seek to avoid circumstances like these.

More VHCC Turbulence 

The VHCC panel is back in the news. I understand that an interim deal is imminent. Is it possible that the long-term solution could be worse than the present? We will have to wait and see.

Moving Target? 

The government has pledged to pay its own bills with small businesses within 10 days to ease their cash-flow problems. I wonder how this will impact upon LSC targets for the payment of bills.

Another New Week 

Quiet start to the week involving little more than a couple of phone enquiries. These involve as ever some billing issues but more depressingly advice to another firm who have failed Peer Review. I have to say you can almost write the script for these conversations and it is never the type of firm you […]

Another Sunny Day 

At the weekend I discovered a Belle and Sebastian album on my i Pod I did not know I had (certainly don’t have the physical CD). Up till then all I have ever heard are occasional tracks on sampler CDs. I think it is great (and the missus is worried about a back catalogue buy […]