Seasons Greetings 

The cold, a cold and client visits precluded a post yesterday. This is the last one of the year therefore and a chance to wish all clients and visitors to this site a Merry Christmas and a Happy, and hopefully prosperous, New Year. As promised the best Xmas song of all time, see you in […]

Must Be Santa Claus 

Forgot to do this on Friday. Did suggest a week or so ago that I would do the best Xmas song ever this week but I will save that for Wednesday. Forget the charts this is this years best Xmas song and should be No.1 (It also annoys die hard Dylan fans which is a […]

Sing Along.. 

CDS BVT Pilots off; “So here it is Merry Xmas (especially in Manchester and Bristol) everybodys having fun, look to the future no its only just begun” “Ministers have asked us to work with colleagues at the Ministry of Justice and the legal professions to develop outline proposals for a more ambitious programme for England […]

New Year Resolutions 

Make the JRS Webinar Service one of your New Year Resolutions The Webinar Service was our key innovation of 2009 – we ran one most weeks from May, to universal approval from participants. Only one person had an IT glitch throughout that period and everyone appreciated the simple, undemanding and cost effective way this allows […]

Bah Humbug 

To no great surprise (at least on my part) the MoJ are going ahead with the proposed cuts to PACE and Cat 3 Standard fees. That the document still talks about BVT in 2013 is perhaps of more interest, but perhaps that is just because they fee they have to. The PACE proposal is a […]

Tentative Good Tidings 

I have just compared a mixed bag of 8, family bills against what they will get after October next year. The firm in question would have been ahead on every single claim and quite significantly where they were doing the advocacy (most of the cases). Very interesting given everything else going on at the moment.


I have had a call from a client who successfully represented a youth, with ADHD, at a 6-day trial. This involved the cross examination of very young witnesses and an abuse of process argument. On these basics alone, does anyone disagree that this case is “out of the ordinary” in comparison with the “generality of […]

Travelling, but not Travel Inn 

There was lots and lots of stuff published about CDS procurement, BVT or otherwise at the end of last week. I got a bit to stuck into reading it rather than blogging about it so here are some links. There is a “post code” tool in there which will allow you to check which Duty […]


To much derision from my eldest muppet (“even his name tells you how boring he is”) we are off to see David Gray in Newcastle tonight (the wobbly headed singer not the law firm). Latest album is good as are the new Lyle Lovett and Them Crooked Vultures which I bought this week. Will look […]

Credit crunch hits Premier Travel Inn 

You no longer get any cinnamon biscutes with your coffee. They do have ITV 4 so I can watch the match though. I am away training on Peer Review way out West – very unusual. I also look to a very heavy couple of weeks on the road in the offing – feels like old […]