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In these cash strapped times all our budgets (fully franchised ones with quarterly variance analysis etc.) are subject to scrutiny. Some things you can do without, however CPD points are not amongst them. For firms of a certain size in house courses offer a method for drastically reducing the pounds to points ratio. Even smaller firms have been known to band together to make similar savings – one or two have sold tickets and got their training for free.
With this in mind we are publicising a non exhaustive list of our most popular current courses. We can deliver all of these in your offices, provided you have a projector screen or a blank wall, either as written or tailored to your specific needs. There are Civil and Crime specific versions of many of the courses too.
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  • In this time of constant consultation papers been published and new auditing tools being introduced i.e cost compliance a good summary update course would be great. It might stop my head hurting if nothing else.

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