Nothing Ever Happens 

Just arranged our first live performance of the year – Friday 24th April. We are working on a range on new numbers including this from Del Amitri who I once booked for an event back at college in 1984:

To The Point 

Off out to see some clients, to discuss some stuff, having done lots of boring admin things this morning – our online banking is having some of the problems previously faced by the LSC’s. I am also going to watch something potentially very interesting this pm – will report back.


I have put a panoramic photo of Barcelona from Park Guell, not unlike this one, as my laptop wallpaper to cheer me up. A positive, Category 3 PR result hits my desk. It should be a 2 I think, technically if nothing else, but currently you can’t make such representations. Andy is now an accredited […]

Sick of… 

Costs queries! Had them virtually all the last 2 days. Please ring me up to talk about something, anything, else.

The IT Crowd 

A couple of things have forced me to think about solicitors and IT recently. That said it is a long time since we have had an in depth look at the software available to law firms. There is currently no aggressive pressure to upgrade your systems (although I do have some interesting diagrams involving Jack, […]

Brits Week 

Interesting results at this years Brits. Obviously delighted for Elbow (seeing them in a fortnight) and Weller plus the PSBs who were such a part of the soundtrack of the 80s. Don’t know Kings of Leon, Graham is very positive, and am a bit underwhelmed by Duffy, the album award especially was was way down […]

“Arrogant & Devious” 

Coincidences always happen to me. I am looking at the CLA Family telephone advice tender documentation for a client and this turns up on the front page of the Gazette. Now the current procurement exercise is for something a bit different however it is motivated by the same resource, and increasingly ideological, agenda. Read the […]

Costs Risk 

When Contract Compliance auditing first began we ran a successful line of defence against the deliberately slewed samples they selected. An early favourite were criminal Higher Standard Fees claims which, if assessed down to Lower Standard fees, delivered a hefty reduction and an almost certain category outcome and consequently some recoupment. Exceptional claims contain a […]

Border Skirmish ? 

I spent a significant part of yesterday, when not in the car, looking at family standard fee claims. They had fallen under the microscope because of a deep red breach of the 20% Fixed Fee Margin KPI. A significant number were, unfortunately, misclaimed level 2 private law matters which would be a struggle to justify. […]

Friday Transmission 

Today’s Friday song is once again sparked by last nights TV watching. I did see Alison Krauss on the American Folk program on BBC 4 which was good – I love that Brad Paisly duet (which just about everyone else I know hates, the video is a bit over the top mind). It is not […]