Friday Transmission

Today’s Friday song is once again sparked by last nights TV watching. I did see Alison Krauss on the American Folk program on BBC 4 which was good – I love that Brad Paisly duet (which just about everyone else I know hates, the video is a bit over the top mind).
It is not that however by rather something from Joy Division because we watched the Anton Corbijn’s film Control. “Unknown Pleasures” came out when I was the same age as my youngest son the health of the music scene then and now could not be more stark. You get a bit of free (office safe) John Cooper Clarke too:

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One comment on “Friday Transmission

  • Exceptional talent and exceptional loss.. he was only 24 wasn’t he?
    Film is worth a watch for all the non (Joy Division)-believers! And, what I found most impressive was that the actors all play their instruments- the realistic sound and voice being provided by them and not session musicians.
    Filiming in black and white too- right choice!
    That said, atmosphere is the best track….surely?

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