Prison Law Anyone?

I don’t have the time to provide a rounded critique of the CDS BVT consultation today. As ever this attempt to impose an alternative , artificial “market solution” on the existing and real one, feels clumsy and contrived. (A footnote comparing the proposals to G3 telecom licences going some way to evidence this contention).
Some of the language used however gives a feel for the general direction – “optimise business structures”, “suicide bids”, “descending clock auction”, “online bidding window” etc. Positively you will no longer have the hassle of claiming travel and waiting (if outside a Carter SF zone) similarly annual file review claims. You can also sleep soundly knowing the PDS will not have to bid but will get BVT contracts automatically.
Manchester or Avon firms wanting an early chat should pick up the phone.

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2 comments on “Prison Law Anyone?

  • If I bid early enough, and cheaply enough, do I get a free wok?

  • Prison law will not be an option after the current consultation unless you have done enough work or have got some qualifications – guess what I am doing at the moment/

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