We are covering this track too – is the best “video” I can find and better than looking at the label of Aaron Neville’s ’73 45

Happy Face, Sad Face 

Just had a Fixed Fee CCA result returning the firm to category A1. The central issue we have discussed before and deals with the “requirement” to record the DSCC reference number. We retrospectively supplied this on some cases and were consequently sucessful. However the LSC have maintained the nil assessment on a case where we […]

Can’t Keep Away From It 

I grabbed a book for my journey to “that” London. I chose it, at haste, because it was set in Tudor times – about which I am (sadly) interested. Turns out to be about a mediaeval Legal Aid Lawyer, Court Duty being described as a “serjeancy in the Court of Requests”. Bet someone out there […]

Country Feedback 

Andy is today in the deep south, with clients. This is a firm we have know for long years and with whom we get along really well. Despite this they very nearly put our Webinar advertising in the bin due to a disastrous experience with a major training supplier (I will not name them). They […]

Different View 

If you have been to one of the LSC’s presentations on CDS BVT you might also like to hear Richard Miller from the Law Society giving what I anticipate will be something of an alternative perspective.

Speak Like a Child 

We are beginning to prepare for our local summer live music event “Grovestock”. It is our annual electric performance with the kids, and others, providing the rhythm section – we are even looking for some brass this year. We intend to do a Style Council set starting with this:

On Demand 

I have had lots of costs queries over the phone in the last 2 days – significantly more than I normal I think. This is probably just coincidence but such events do make you ponder if there is an underlying cause, if only for a moment or two. Is greater caution being exercised due to […]

Swell Maps* 

Proposed new PACE boundaries have been announced, have a look here and find your regional Consultation document and your local scheme post code map. Happy reading. *For those interested in early UK punk/new wave rarities

Right of Reply 

I wondered at the time if Andrew Keogh had been misquoted in in this letter from John Sirodcar of the LSC. Seems he was

Fight, Fight, Fight.. 

I have a message to ring our friends at No.6 Chambers in Leeds this morning. I am not sure I should after this, which seems set to intensify the dispute we originally commented upon here. It does seem that the issue will “Run and Run” not least given a similar likely impact of the Family […]