Kevin Carter 

Was hoping that someone might have put up one of the 2 songs performed by the Manics on Jules on Tuesday night. But no. The new album is supposed to be great and the above performance was pretty good (not loud enough) and sounded to me like a return to the “everything must go” era. […]

This Time Next Week 

Next Friday is Webinar launch. You can read a more detail here. Next Fridays course is CDS BVT and you can book a place using this form via the phone, e-mail or fax.

Annual Fat Cat Lawyers Day 

The annual “naming and shaming” of Legal Aid top earners begins here in the Gazette. (I now know why one of yesterdays delegates had his copy with him at yesterdays highly enjoyable training in Notts). One imagines political spin, perhaps of that highly peculiar New Labour/Daily Mail type, will follow. Governmental criticism may focus on […]