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I have had lots of costs queries over the phone in the last 2 days – significantly more than I normal I think. This is probably just coincidence but such events do make you ponder if there is an underlying cause, if only for a moment or two. Is greater caution being exercised due to increased audit activity? Is the economic climate having an opposite effect and people are more costs maximisation conscious? Whatever the reason direct costs queries and requests for training are on the up.
We are dealing with costs, Civil and Criminal, in the next 3 Friday Webinars.
We can however also do “Webinar on Demand”. For instance I have just had a request, this very morning, for just the Litigators Fee section of our CDS Master-class. This lends itself beautifully for a 1 hour webinar which we can book in at the most convenient time for the firm. Compared to the venue based or in-house alternative it is amazingly more flexible and cost effective. I have a feeling that this will increasingly become a part of my working week.

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