Virtually the Only Answer?

I have been on the (very busy) road again this week talking to firms about Civil procurement and CDS BVT. Those wedded to Legal Aid are obviously depressed those with a private client escape route less so – in fact one set of family lawyers were positively happy with my “move away from LA if you can” advice.
A central reality for crime only firms (one of whom received the helpful advice of “retrain” from their LSC account manager recently) is that the shortfall from PACE income in a post BVT scheme will have to be mitigated by savings elsewhere. In that vein I have had some very interesting, if slightly scary, discussions as to how IT might be able to help.
I have always been (healthily?) sceptical about the claims made in this regard – especially from case management software vendors – however am now thinking that a radical approach is essential. I’ve nothing concrete to suggest today – though this is getting closer – so once again watch this space. If you feel like a chat in the meantime give me a ring.

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