You Pay for the Privilege

Can’t believe what I have just read on the LSC Web site headed “A new approach to quality assurance”
This seems to be a major shift in auditing by the LSC but I agree that there is no point in running two very similar Quality assurance standards along side each other (Lexcel and SQM).
However the indication that you will have to pay for the privilege seems a bitter pill to swallow. As reported on this very blog site I have recently passed my Lexcel Consultancy Accreditation. If any one wishes to discuss how the Lexcel process works especially the paying bit please give me a call. Also call me if you are interested in applying for the lexcel standard.
I will leave this one for Simon to get his teeth into when he returns, no doubt he will have a few words of wisdom on the subject.
Andy Bean

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One comment on “You Pay for the Privilege

  • Yes, I read it and was appalled. What the nincompoops have never understood is that if you are successful and are billing ok then that is because you by and large can do the job. Peer review was, and continues to be a complete waste of time and money. Now they want us to pay for it?? This simply shows that the LSC are spending money like water and not on representation. This is why they want to shift this particular financial burden on to us. Why the hell should we pay?

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