Ever Changing Moods II 

So I, and my informants, were correct. It also explains the lack of fanfare regarding “procurement plans” in the post 2 down. The Chief Exec says “We have listened to recent comments made by providers and their representative bodies and, in view of the importance of securing more accessible and integrated client services in the […]

Ever Changing Moods 

Did our “first fix” with the kids for our one night of full on 4/5 piece electric performance. The stuff we are doing in not desperately difficult but I am always amazed how quickly they pick it up and we get to a good basis standard. We are closing with this and yes I do […]

Pay Closer Attention 

Thanks to Rob in the comments for pointing out where the Civil Procurement plans (only some North West examples published to date) are housed. I had anticipated a little more of a fanfare and, given my slightly fractured week, had only been looking at the front pages for news and this page is somewhat round […]