Procurement Stuff 

As I indicated last week we have finalised our thoughts on the most appropriate support services to offer regarding the forthcoming procurement rounds. We have also organised a limited number of training events*. Regular readers, and those on our e-mail alert list, will shortly receive some on-line details of both. (Ring if you want an […]

Last Webinar of the Month 

Passing a Fixed Fee Contract Compliance Audit A round of these assessments has now taken place. The recent report of the National Audit Office, alleging serious over-claiming on the part of legal aid providers, is likely to increase the level of activity. As audit results begin to filter through we are better able understand the […]


This came up on i Pod shuffle this morning and is wonderfully cheesy. It is also the first ever Elvis Friday Song (which might wind up some die hard Attractions):

Shovelling Sh**e 

Apparrently that pays better than Legal Aid Lawyering.

More on Procurement 

The forecasters were correct about the weather in the North West today – terrible driving conditions safely, if occasionally scarily, overcome. I have had another chat about 2010 procurement and we now have a good feel of the type of assistance firms might be looking for. You can anticipate a some advertisement of this “support […]

LSC Communiqu 

Just so that you know It has come to our attention that the whilst the latest APP 1 form is version 12 the Forms Version List document for November 2009 had the APP 1 form recorded as version 11. We can confirm that the APP 1 is version 12 and the Forms Version List document […]

Webinar Promo 

Another Monday another webinar to promote. As ever – 1pm this coming Friday – bookings by phone or on-line. What Every Good Supervisor Should Know The supervisory role is central to effective contract delivery and compliance. It is a role not made any easier by the constant evolution of rules and guidance and the increasing […]

Like A Star 

I think I have posted this before but cannot find it by way of the search feature. I wanted to put something of hers on to mark impending return as both a live and studio artist following the death of her husband. I it has been Friday Song before there is no harm in hearing […]


Just a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for firms to submit CDS 12’s for any new duty solicitors either transferring from another supplier to yourselves or a solicitor who has recently qualified where the firm has not previously submitted a CDS 12 for them. All details are on the LSC website. Just on site […]

Heavy News Day 

It has been a particularly busy day here today – which might might make up for the likely radio silence tomorrow and Thursday. Two other new items have turned up at the LSC site which I will deal with in order of priority. This item makes it clear that instructing an Independent Social Worker, when […]