Heavy News Day 

It has been a particularly busy day here today – which might might make up for the likely radio silence tomorrow and Thursday. Two other new items have turned up at the LSC site which I will deal with in order of priority. This item makes it clear that instructing an Independent Social Worker, when […]

Kay’s Tip of The Week 

We have joked in the office about regularly posting one or two of the frequent pearls of wisdom from Kay – the most vocal member of our costs drafting team. Here goes. As we are all adapting to the new Claim 1 we have noticed that the “Panel Membership Declaration” has been moved from page […]

Online Maintenance 

Some “changes and fixes” to LSC Online have just been made – to block wrong combination of SPAN codes for instance. You can read the detail here should you wish to.

Friday Webinar 

2010 Procurement Rounds: An Overview Are you still confused over the timetables and nature of next years Criminal and Civil “procurement” rounds? This weeks session, Friday 13th, is designed to clear up any remaining misconceptions about these processes and to provide some thoughts on necessary preparation. The date and subject matter are purely coincidental.