It has been a bit quiet on the Peer Review front of late, probably in line with the decision to make the process more of a “risk management” tool.
Positively however we have heard from another successful firm who have achieved a Category 3 result after a previous 4. This cannot be appealed to try for a 2 however.
I have a variety of other appealy things on my desk with the LSC wanting to close offices, chuck people off rotas and nil assess files. Lets hope we can equally be of assistance to the firms involved.
By the way (or BTW as the kids say on MSN) give us a ring if the words “recurring client audit” mean anything to you.

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  • You say that and I now have a peer review check to do tomorrow and just received a query from a very concerned firm who have just received a cat 4.
    Also one of our clients “down south” have just received a two day audit notice for December so things are bubling away!

  • They told me that they were coming for a two day audit and my response to that was that the contract says that you will be with me for one day. The audit did not go ahead for other reasons but what do you think my chances are of actually refusing to agree to two days bearing in mind the contract provisions?

  • They can come for a week if they want to, as I understand it? And is that “bubling away” as in Michael Buble, Andy?

  • I think they have contractual rights (Clause 8) to attend for audit for as long as they like and your “Liaison Manager” (franchis rep) must be availiable.

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