Civil Bids 

The Family and SWL tendering round has opened, unfortunately not at 4pm when I was with clients eager to get all their bids finalised in one session. There is now a bewildering array of ITTs (some 120 or more) for all the differing Procurement Areas. The key element is the Tender Information Form which contains […]

More Questions Than Answers 

Steve asks essentially this question in the comments below which received the following response in the Mental Health Q&A; 100.1 On the ITT form at section 11, question 4 refers to organisations with limited liability, however there appears to be no appropriate response where an organisation is neither a charity or has limited liability (eg […]

Train in Vain 

I am trying to make up for the time lost on Monday due very-poor-indeed East Coast Railways (or whatever they are called). It is marginally better today, random WiFi access every once in a while, but not when you need it. I am currently in a fallow period and trying to get an answer to […]


And tonight, after some Tapas at Brindisa, Mrs SP and I are off to see Corrine BR at the Shepherds Bush Empire;

Hanging on the Telephone 

As you will guess we are very busy. For significant parts of each day, we are now on divert to Jayne, or the Costs Drafting team, in Middelsbrough. They will try and assist as much as is possible. Andy and I will however get back to you as soon as we can and the FREE […]

Words of Warning 

I checked a bid yesterday where a regular mistake was made in the form of a “YES” answer to the ITT question – “Have you had a confirmed Peer Review rating of 4 or 5 in the Mental Health Category of Law since 10 February 2007?” The correct answer is “NO”

Trouble in the E-Portal 

Then don’t miss Friday’s webinar!

This Time With Extra PACE 

I am not sure that this guidance will be much news to anybody and there is some with which I disagree (mandatory DSCC numbers on files). It is however worth a quick once over.

Big is Beautiful? 

There is so much to say about this story but so little time right now. It has long been my formed view that quite often the Criminal sole practitioner is just as


The fantastically poor East Coast Mainline has failed again