News in Brief 

Most all of the Family and SWL Procurement Plans are now back up, available and showing a 10%ish reduction in “over fished” areas. Can’t find Notts however, perhaps they will not have to bid after all. Nowt on the e-portal to play with, no live PPQs or ITTs, but there should be tomorrow when Mental […]

Quote of the Day 

SP “I will need access to an Internet ready PC with Microsoft Excel installed or alternatively WiFi access – do you have that?” Client “We don’t even heating in this office so no chance of WiFi”

Procurement Rounds – Training News 

We are not surprisingly very focussed on the forthcoming CDS and Civil procurement rounds right now. This is reflected in the training we will be undertaking in the next month, all of which will be directly aimed as helping firms make successful bids. We have two forthcoming face-to-face sessions on the CDS process Newcastle/Gateshead 16th […]