A Complete Shower (of…… )

The “e-portal” (Malcolm Tucker trans. ‘e-S*!thole morelike’) opened on Monday at 4pm.
Off we went, Andy and I, neither of us with a spare half hour of business time available before the portal closes, to assist our clients. Returning from such a visit I listened to left-field, whimsical, popsters Belle and Sebastian to calm my anger on being told that today’s, and all previously completed CDS bids would have to be done again on V.2 of the TIF and SACL forms (see comments below).
I now discover that we are onto Version 3 of the TIF, all this within a mere 48 hours.
What should we do? Wait until they finally get it right, with a – “no, absolutely, completely certainly, can’t possibly go wrong this time, 100% correct, Version 7.23”, or should we carry on completing this entirely-pointless-in-every-conceivable-manner exercise? As you can tell the effects of the Scottish songsters has now worn off.
My mood is worsened by the fact that my new, essential, “WinTel” combine PC Laptop, running “state of the art” Windows 7, will not down load the Webinar software that we have happily run, without bother, on this beautiful Macbook Pro, for nearly a year, with another hour wasted on this episode. (Oh and to cap it all two deadlined appeals came in today which I currently think this is a deliberate ploy on the part of the LSC)
Andy and I have just exchanged “told you sos”. I can’t tell you what he was right and I was wrong about except to say I am a daft and over-trusting idiot. He on the other-hand, admittedly with extenuating circumstances, actually “published” a finished bid yesterday afternoon.
Lessons for today – don’t be an over trusting idiot and don’t publish your bids until much closer to the deadline.

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