The Private Sector Applicant Information Form (PSAIF) is an element of the Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet seeking financial disclosure and equal opportunities profiles which you are “required” to upload to your final bid. During the Immigration bid window the LSC refused to clarify if this was mandatory, and continue to do so publicly. They eventually fudged the issue by saying that the spreadsheet was corrupt and that the information could be provided later.
Long-standing friend of this site, and CLSA Director, Rodney Warren has similarly raised the issue he has recently commented as follows:

The LSC has been very clear that the financial information is not compulsory. They have repeatedly stated so at CCCG meetings and confirmed as much to me on the phone on Tuesday.
They say they are likely to seek the information before contract starts if not provided now and point to the contract terms which allow them to see financial information.

Some definitive clarification from the LSC would of course be ideal.

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