Onwards and Sideways 

Yesterday was, and today is fast becoming, one of those where it is meeting followed by the constant fielding of phone and e-mail questions (I try with the latter but am really struggling right now so an attempted call is usually the best option). The Mental Health deadline now approaches and is consequently the focus […]

Final Score 

We like you are in eager, and nervous, anticipation of the announcement of CDS Contract bids, supposedly today. We do not yet know the answer to the question, posed by crimsol in the comments below – how and when will you be notified? When we do we will update this post, in the meantime fingers […]

Suffer the Little Children 

Yesterdays update to the Family/SWL Q&A did not have the answers we are awaiting on some of the issues discussed below or another one dealing with Children Only contracts. (There is one answer about this which is particularly unhelpful). A number of our clients are considering

Bidding News 

There was plenty of e-mail traffic from Bravo yesterday over and above that mentioned in the post below. The CDS TIF forms seemed to be causing problems especially regarding postcodes (the PC Tool was never properly set up as we have commented previously). Allowing busy criminal lawyers less than a working day to deal with […]


CDS, PQQ questions and clarifications seem to be hitting firms at the moment all, seemingly, with a 5pm deadline today. You receive these by e-mail notification and then have to respond using the messaging function in the e-portal. Please check your e-mail

Windmills of Your Mind 

Here we go again. More “consultation

Webinar News 

If you are still struggling with the e-portal and your bid preparation Fridays Webinar may well be just what you are looking for. We aim to provide an online tour through the bidding software and to offer a surgery for questions about the process including maximising your selection criteria score and bidding tactics. We are […]

Are You Here 

I would have to put up a fight to get this off the communal HiFi in the kitchen at the moment. I have no inclination to do so however.

Time Flies 

Another week has slipped by without us really noticing – and posting here being a little light. I am beginning to get the feel that Family bidding is going to deliver some unpleasant outcomes in certain areas and that if the LSC imagined subtlety of approaches being adopted they were wrong. I also have a […]


I have a replacement mobile and will soon, after a 2pm, Webinar on demand, be able to take calls again. If you text can you tell me who you are as I have lost all my contacts!