Close to the WIre 

Will 15.27 be that latest I talk a firm through the

Caught in Love 

We tried for a topical choice and only came up with “Push the Button”, “Friday Im in Love” (which we have done before) and on a more sombre note “My Way”. So thought against that approach. Alternatively, and without doubt, the music which will most remind me of all the miles I have put in […]

The Final Curtain 

If you DO NOT get a confirmatory e-mail concerning the publication of either your PQQ or your ITT (especially the former) could you please let me know.

CDS Bidding – The True Costs 

Have heard some outrageous stories about the consultancy charges some of our rival have been levying for assistance with bidding – in one case more than 3 times – either that or we are undercharging! We will not however be raising our fees for the Civil round, which we can now get our teeth into […]