Final Score

We like you are in eager, and nervous, anticipation of the announcement of CDS Contract bids, supposedly today. We do not yet know the answer to the question, posed by crimsol in the comments below – how and when will you be notified?
When we do we will update this post, in the meantime fingers crossed.
Friend of this Site, the esteemed Mr R Warren, tells us that you can anticipate an e-mail from Bravo inviting you to view your result on the “messages” function on the “e-portal”. They intend to “begin” this process today so it seems by no means certain that you will get your result this Friday. Therefore DO NOT panic, and assume, the worst if this transpires.

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5 comments on “Final Score

  • First rumour of a failure – said to be a large firm in York.

  • there I was, all ready to receive my e-mail, and parts of my anatomy nearly hit the floor at the beep of an LSC e-mail being received. I log-in to the e-portal, open the message, crossing other parts of my anatomy, to read a message that tells me I may get a message today or on Monday!!!! I won’t repeat what I said.

  • Don’t forget to uncross all your body parts, could be a very uncomfortable weekend if not!!!

  • Finally, after a full days wait, we received notification from the LSC. 2010 Contract awarded.

  • I suppose the only good news this week was Leeds getting beaten

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