The Final Curtain

If you DO NOT get a confirmatory e-mail concerning the publication of either your PQQ or your ITT (especially the former) could you please let me know.

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2 comments on “The Final Curtain

  • Interesting extract from the letter acknowledging publication of our ITT response:-
    If you edit your response after the deadline has passed then your response may be rejected by the Buyer during evaluation.
    Please only edit a response after the deadline if you have made prior arrangements with the Buyer.”
    Does this mean they are allowing (a chosen few)a second bite at the cherry after the deadline?
    I thought it was get it right first time and no second chances! I can foresee issues over this if some firms are shut out due to an inadvertent error in the completion of their tender.

  • Phil
    I think that is probably just generic text from this generic product and that ther will be no “prior arrangements”.
    On the other hand arguments reagarding “non submission” have already begun on earlier bid rounds. The fun is about to start, no doubt about it.

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