Inner City Blues 

I have been listening to Marvin Gaye quite a bit lately (as I do from time to time when shuffle pops it up). This is one of his less well played classics;

CDS 12 Deadline 

This is Friday next – 7th May. Do NOT forget.

Victory for Common Sense 

So far as we know all the minor, technical mistake, CDS appeals, errors in either PQQ or ITT, have been successful. These determinations were notified yesterday much to the relief of those kept hanging over this particular abyss for the last couple of weeks. We have not heard word yet from those who had more […]

Words Fail 

Well almost. Why they could not do something more personalised than this generic questionnaire is beyond me. I bet they are not going to get good scores on the “On time delivery” factor from Mental Health lawyers right now. “This survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete” If it takes more than […]

More Delayed Bidding Results 

Once again, communicated after 5pm, here is what Mental Health practitioners were told today; Dear Applicant, The results of the Tender Process for Strategic Health Authority Areas were due to be communicated to Applicant Organisations on 26 April 2010. However, we will not now be able to notify Applicants of the result of the tender […]

Webinar News 

We have decided to have a break from the weekly webinar due to other work commitments and me going on holiday shortly. W e intend to get back to the the every Friday format from the 4th June.

A Desk Job 

Back in the Queensway office for what seems like the first time in ages. I have a pile of CDS 12s* to do (still having problems with the “save” function) and two in-house training events to prepare for this week and one next week too. After that I have a weeks holiday hooray. *CDS 12 […]

Day Off 

That is what I am doing today.

Ashed Off 

With an hour to go the phone traffic seems, finally, to be slowing down. Not that today has been without some final scares including a reoccurrence of this issue on a significant multi-office bid. My R&R plans for after noon today have however hit the buffers as Gil Scott Heron has not been able to […]


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