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The final version of the Family/SWL Q&A document is now published. On a quick scan this does not say anything radical and the important questions, asked by us and some of our clients, have not been included. For instance one firm submitted a detailed exposition of the likely Selection Criteria scores in one of their Procurement Areas and asking what contracts and NMS allocations would follow (I wish I had thought of doing it!). They received a direct response but it has not been included in the above despite clearly being of general interest to all suppliers. One of my concerns

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3 comments on “Final Q & A

  • Do the “exposition” firm want to share the answer on this forum?

  • I will ask though it does confirm the message I have been giving at training event i.e. selection criteria ranking really matters and some firms will not get contracts – in the meantime ring for advice about your locality.

  • Have been looking for an aptly named and topical horse in the big race tomorrow- how about: “Niche Market”, “Character Building” or best of all…”Comply or Die”

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