I remain physically hemmed in by archive boxes full of files and mentally by an array of supplier friction with the LSC which makes a Technicolor dream-coat look positively black and white. Failed bid appeals Low new matter starts commiserations RMS visit outcomes More bloody Peer Review appeals Supplier Assurance UPOA more UPOA even more […]

Seconds Out Round 2 

Immigration bid results are out and the pattern established in the MH round continues – fewer NMS being awarded than firms sought and also need. There do appear to be some erroneous outright refusals too – but the scoring and ranking competitive element has been applied. There are some unhappy people out there.

Do not Disturb 

More Peer Review horror and this time on a very tight deadline so my head is down again. See you soon!

July Webinar Menu 

Only 3 this month as I am on hols in the middle of the month. Friday 2nd July Family Private Law claims. These have proved the most troublesome and contentious claims during the recent round of audits, assessments and visits. In the session we will cover all the key rules and guidance so that you […]


More of this for me this weekend – back Monday

Boxed In 

Or I soon will be. The number of files to review pre and post RMA visits is increasing now on a daily basis. My small corner of the office is starting to look like an archive box replica of the Great Wall of China.

Another CDS Deadline 

CDS firms please not that you have until 4pm today to respond to the latest set of Duty Scheme lists.

Webinar News 

This week the webinar will take place on Thursday and not Friday lunchtime. This concludes this months themed program which has been looking at managing risk in you relationship with the LSC. This has been inspired, if that is the word, by the flurry of recent audit and assessment activity undertaken by the Commission. This […]

The Cave 

This is my new ringtone, largely because the choice at iTunes is much more limited than it really should be!

RMA Everywhere 

Interesting set of events around the place yesterday mainly related to the RMA process (relationship manager assurance). This is going to form a major element of next Friday’s webinar – concluding this months theme about managing the “risk” in your relationship with the LSC. I am not sure if anyone at the LSC reads this […]