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Only 3 this month as I am on hols in the middle of the month.
Friday 2nd July
Family Private Law claims.

These have proved the most troublesome and contentious claims during the recent round of audits, assessments and visits. In the session we will cover all the key rules and guidance so that you can be confident that you are getting it right and so avoid any friction with the Commission.
Friday 23rd July
The New Criminal Contract

A chance to get up to dat with the changes to the contractual framework under which CDS work is conducted.

Friday 30th July
A Risk Management Plan

In this session we intend to combine all the advice – across contracts and franchise categories – we have given about being successful if subject to scrutiny by the LSC. The aim is to provide a checklist of quality control measures which should ensure you avoid making the main mistakes currently leading firms into difficulties with the Commission.

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