Chicken or Egg

Some clients but not all seemed to have received yet another message (posted 4pm Friday) on the e-portal with regards to applying for new account numbers. The problem seems to be that until the documentation is completed and returned in the good old fashion way “in the post!’ new account numbers will not be issued !
How then can new or existing firms with new offices make Legal Aid applications on or after the 14th July without these account numbers. The letter also goes on to ask that if firms have been issued new account numbers via their Relationship Managers can you let them know.
So what came first the Contract or the Account Number ?
Please check your e-portal fro such messages if you fall into the above criteria.
Andy Bean

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2 comments on “Chicken or Egg

  • I have had an email from LSC portal on 9 July saying that becuase i did not send them tender form, indemnity and suprvisors declaration by 15 June they are entitled to terminate my contract. however they say they will give me one last chance. I have been into my portal and the submission of those documents is timed at 1504 on !4 June and is ticked as read by them. Whatismore they have emailed me on 2 July toacknowledge recepit!!

  • As Simon would say: “applied muppetry”

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