Family Contract Outcome

We have just had our first confirmation of a positive outcome from a retainer client whose name begins with ‘A’. If they are contacting firms by region they are in West Yorkshire.
Please check your e portal for any messages.

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  • I can confirm that they are nearly half way through the alphabet then! in West Yorkshire….anyone got SWL result yet or is that tomorrow as per Carol Storer’s (LAPG) update?:
    “The LSC will start to send out the social welfare results tomorrow but you may not hear until the start of next week.”

  • the tension- can you give us a clue as to how things are out there- is it turning in to “the blackest day[s] in Legal Aid history” as predicted by the LAPG?

  • Is anyone else still waiting to hear about their family contract is it just us ??

  • Yes there are quite a few awaiting results

  • in terms of timetable then, do we anticipate more slippage? They said 19th at the latest didn’t they?

  • We are still waiting our result – I’ve heard on the grapevine that firms have heard in Durham and Newcastle so it would seem results are ‘filtering’ through

  • “Another worried solicitor”- is that Family or SWL or both?

  • we are still waiting for family and housing

  • I hope it is just a “place in the alphabet” issue.

  • me too, suppose we are alphabetically challenged, starting with a W

  • Results for Newcastle and Durham – I think that these were just regarding family – that’s what we are waiting for in the Sunderland area

  • Here in London another deadline slips by without any news from the LSC. What on earth are they playing at? If we kept missing deadlines we would be crucified by them!
    Anyone any idea when we’re ever likely to hear and if we’re not happy what is the appeal deadline?

  • Not just London. We are still waiting in the West Mids. What an utter shambles!

  • no news in our part of Wales either….
    Let`s hope that the LSC don`t use the same mechanism for the alphabet as per the second version of the Duty membership scheme list – our town had disappeared from it altogether!!!

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