In The Waiting Room

What a day to return from holidays (as the comments box on the post below captures).
Along with those still enduring paranoid waits there are now those looking at severe reductions to their matter start allocations, failure at branch offices and a sprinkling of firms who tried for and didn’t get new SWL categories.
We are also getting the relief, rather than, jubilation of those firms who have now been confirmed at a level they are happy with.
Meanwhile my deadline nightmare continues.

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4 comments on “In The Waiting Room

  • latest LSC Website update:
    20 July 2010: We are continuing to notify Applicant Organisations of the final outcomes of the SWL and Family tender process. We will update this page every day with the latest news.
    Many notifications have already been sent out. However, due to the scale of the exercise (individual notifications will need to be sent out to each applicant in relation to each category and procurement area they have tendered in), it will take some time to send all notifications out. We anticipate that these will all be sent out by 23 July

  • I don’t like the word ‘anticipate’ in the news flash from the LSC…………

  • Now I like change (for the good), but has it not now come to the stage where the LSC team in charge of bid results should compile their list of who has got what, send it to the relevent Regional Office and get the RM’s to send e-mails confirming how many matters starts we have all got?- it would take 1-2 hours max, instead of this wonderous technological advancement (the eportal) which has been about as effective as Baldrick’s cunningest of plans; they do actually know what they are doing, don’t they?

  • Can we find out how much all these tender processes have cost the tax payer?

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