Not What We Expected !!!!!

Yesterday I had anticipated a barrage of phone calls regarding the family tendering results but nothing. Instead it was an influx of anxious e-mails and phone calls from criminal clients who had received a message from the LSC requesting information which according to them,had not been previously supplied. Such as Indemnity forms, Supervisors forms and Prison Law Supervisors forms.
There were and are many varying outcomes such as Supervisors forms which had been clearly attached to the Tender information forms or Firms which had applied for Prison Law and had not realised. !?
Indemnity forms were the favourite so
1) Did you or did you not submit them ?
2) If so how, post or scanned and sent via the e-portal ?
If you receive such a message please undertake the above checks then if still struggling give me a call but I am single handed this week so you may have to leave a message.
Andy Bean

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