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My current considered opinion regarding Civil procurement;

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  • But they can’t can they? The contract cannot be extended again and they needed to have had a “competitive” bid round, in order to open it all up to new suppliers- they haven’t time to do it again before 14/10/10 and what new criteria will resolve the current position? They should have done it all manually, with paper forms. Less mistakes then, and easier to remedy.
    And if these appeals succeed, how long will we have to wait for the appeals from those who got contracts to be resolved? It will potentially run and run…agree that it is all a mess though and good luck to all. But has anyone the strength to go through all that again?

  • You have really bloody cheered me up with this piece of music. It sums it up. But it’s a great reminder that I used to have a life before I encountered legal aid. I’ll now spend the afternoon dancing!

  • Frankly,I have had enough.Enough of their incompetence and inane reginald perin type management babble.
    I have had enough of their wasting my time and my life. I wouldnt trust the LSC after this fiasco if they told me the Pope wore a funny hat.
    They can take their rigged and worthless contract and stick it where the account manager doesnt shine.
    The whole pack of them are about as much use as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse.

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