“Nearly Legal” 

We have one client currently sitting in a meeting with the LSC to discuss their “capacity to deliver”. We are aware that of a couple of these took place last week and that one in happening tomorrow. They essentially seem to be seeking to persuade firms to hand back matter starts as is discussed in […]

All Change 

It took me ages to get logged in to the e-portal today but once there discovered that this weeks maintenance has resulted in a radical, visual change to the site. You may well get a surprise therefore, if checking for an appeal notification.

I Will Survive 

It remains to be seen if our under-rehearsed cover of the karaoke classic (but which takes more from this superior version) will work next Saturday night. If you are close to Teesside you are very welcome to come and judge for yourself. If you do you will see West Yorkshire’s finest lawyer based band too.

Victory in Sight? 

Is the question Andrew Keogh asks in the comments below with regard to this story in the Gazette. If you have not read it, it covers the comments made by Mr Justice Collins in a JR of the Procurement round brought by CLP of Birmingham. Irrational is a phrase I have used in discussing this […]


If you have been awarded a contract you will have received a request for “confirmation”, as if this were needed, that you can deliver it from October 14th. For a very few there will be the need to send a Supervisor declaration or an indemnity form but this will not be common. If this is […]

Current Mood 

“The days more gray each one than what had gone before”. Cormac McCarthy The Road


I am finding it hard to digest all the various pieces of new information dropping on my desk concerning Family procurement. I do however get a feeling that the process is beginning to fray at the edges. Meanwhile “Financial Stewardship” rolls on like a steam roller seemingly crushing everyone it meets in one way or […]

Moving Forward Together 

You might have thought, given the reduced Family supplier base – though not necessarily achieving the “fewer larger suppliers” they have wanted for such a long time – that the tone of the relationship might change. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be required to deliver both the volume and breadth of services for […]

Better Late Than Never 

This weeks webinar was originally intended for over a month ago – before Civil procurement interrupted things. Originally it was to be a summary session of July’s “new LSC audits” theme nut now we are obviously at the end of August. Although the session is late it is still a useful one we think covering […]

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong 

I was WRONG. Completely and utterly WRONG and have never been so happy to be so in my life. I thought all Family bid appeals would be rejected out of hand but not so and we have just heard of our first successful result. This involved mismarking of panel membership and has resulted in an […]