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We have one client currently sitting in a meeting with the LSC to discuss their “capacity to deliver”. We are aware that of a couple of these took place last week and that one in happening tomorrow. They essentially seem to be seeking to persuade firms to hand back matter starts as is discussed in this very interesting article.
It is from a Housing Law blog called “Nearly Legal” which I was directed to over the weekend – primarily because of their converge of the CLP Judicial Review case.
The linked article explains, legally, what we describe as the “makeitupaswegoalongery” being displayed by the Commission post procurement. My thoughts on the subject do tend to concur. This is mainly following a discussion last week where a firm has been advised that any contract sanction based upon failure to meet, say, the 85% NMS delivery KPI, would be unlawful.
Well worth reading the whole thing though.

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