Time Gentlemen Please 

Is tomorrow the JR appeal deadline? can see nothing on their site to date I shall watch from afar as I am off for a short break in Spain tomorrow. Whatever they decide I am sure it will seem better in the Autumn sunshine with a glass of Campo. UPDATE There will not be an […]

Remember Remember 15th Novemeber 

There are a number of changes to LSC forms which become MANDATORY on 15th November and which can be viewed here.

Write about Love 

The new album is excellent and this is even better in HD on my Mac at their website ; It does seem to go on for 25 mins though!

No Spaces 

I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase “hot desking” but it struck me as another of those daft phrases, which occur from time to time, and normally say more about the person using them than anything else. Essentially it means saving on office space by sharing desks. Despite having moved into a […]

Air Strike 

There are often suspicions one cannot confirm in this game. I am generally more of a cock-up than conspiracy theorist in matters of relations with the LSC. That said we have obviously experienced occasions where client firms have clearly been treated punitively, out of spite on the part of, say, an Account Manager, because of […]

Cuts News 


I now have all 3 softback volumes of the new LSC Manual – damaged in transit – and so fragile that they will be destroyed by a couple of weeks of JRS usage. You need these, or web access to them, for contract compliance. Will Volume 2 have to be pulped? It has all the […]


Helen who joined the team on Monday as out first Graduate Trainee. You will doubtless meet or speak to her in the near future. Welcome


I could not get to the CLSA Conference this year – was home alone with the dogs. Here is the LSC’s take on Sir Bill Callaghan’s speech. The request for an “open and honest dialogue” seems to me like a request for firms to breach the “Professional Code” contained in contract. I also like the […]

Bad Start to the Week 

It looks as though we are in for bad news on Wednesday – not that anyone thought we would escape I suppose.